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Diaspora Account

Diaspora Current Account
Non-Repatriable Birr Account
Fixed or Time Deposit Account
Foreign currency Saving Account

To open Diaspora accounts, what kinds of documents are needed?

• Properly filled and signed application by account holder • Can be operated by power of attorney • Resident Permit/Certification • Valid passport and/or identification card • Certification of ownership entitlement for the organization and/or article and memorandum of association

What types of currencies are allowed to maintain the Diaspora accounts?

• The US Dollar • Pound Sterling • Euro

Minimum foreign currency cash requirement to open Diaspora accounts?

• For an individual USD 100 or its equivalent • For fixed time deposit USD 5,000 or its equivalent • For foreign currency saving USD 50 or its equivalent

How to credit Diaspora accounts?

• The account holder • The spouse of the account holder upon presentation of marriage certificate • The employer upon presentation of valid employment agreement • The business entity owned by the account holder or share company upon presentation of documents ascertaining the shareholding

What’s in it for you?

• Make local payments in Birr • Make foreign payments for import • Effect Transfer abroad • Withdraw for travel in cash notes • Convert into a Birr account at the prevailing exchange rate • Serve as collateral or guarantee for loans or bids • Can be withdrawn against a cheque written and a withdrawal slip Repartition of the deposit

Interested in opening Gadaa Bank Diaspora Account?

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